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cathodoluminescence, geology • 1 min reading time

White paper “Cathodoluminescence Imaging on Sedimentary Rocks: Quartz Sandstones” now available for download

As of today, our white paper on cathodoluminescence imaging on sedimentary rocks is available to be downloaded on our site.

This white paper was written by DELMIC’s in-house cathodoluminescence specialist Toon Coenen, and provides an extensive overview of how cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy can be used to study quartz sandstone.

The study of sandstone is relevant for fossil fuel exploration and extraction, as it is one of the main rock types in which fossil fuels can be found. It is also of more fundamental interest for geology. Studying the quartz composition in sandstone is especially useful for learning about the geological history of the rock as well as understanding more about the rock’s various properties. CL imaging in particular, in combination with complementary imaging modalities, is a highly effective method for conducting in-depth studies of the distribution of quartz in sandstone and other geological research due to its efficient workflow.

In order to download the white paper, click on the link below.