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cathodoluminescence, geology, webinar • 1 min reading time

Cathodoluminescence for geology webinar now available online

This morning, the cathodoluminescence webinar took place and it was a great success. We were pleased with the high turnout, and we found that participants asked very fruitful questions.

The webinar was about the application of cathodoluminescence for research in geology, focusing on examples such as sedimentary rocks, gemstones, and zircons. For those who have missed the opportunity to watch the webinar live, it is now available on our website for free.

Cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the fast micro-characterization of rocks and minerals, offering unique contrasts complementary to other electron microscopy-based techniques. Delmic offers a cathodoluminescence system, the SPARC, which can be retrofitted on a scanning electron microscope. The SPARC Compact is a system specifically designed for researchers who purely want to use CL for fast-intensity mapping using a photomultiplier tube, a common method in geosciences.

This was our third webinar this summer and we anticipate to be hosting more webinars in the near future. We would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Toon Coenen - Delmic’s cathodoluminescence application specialist – for giving the talk, and our Australian distributor AXT for their efforts in hosting the webinar.

You can watch the webinar by clicking on the link below:

Kaitlin van Baarle