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cathodoluminescence, geology, webinar • 2 min reading time

CL fundamentals: 4th session on cathodoluminescence imaging for geological materials

Look into how to characterize zircons and sedimentary rocks with CL imaging in the next CL webinar!

Cathodoluminescence imaging (CL) is becoming an increasingly important technique for people working in the field of geology, as it can be used to understand the composition and formation of geological materials, such as sedimentary rocks and zircons. That’s why we’re bringing you this exclusive webinar featuring what CL can do to study geological materials, as the 4th session of the CL webinar series – Cathodoluminescence Fundamentals.

This webinar will dive into how CL enables fast and high resolution imaging of large areas. The discussion will primarily focus on imaging and analysis techniques for the characterization of zircons and sedimentary rocks. Join our application specialist Dr. Sangeetha Hari to learn how this powerful technique can benefit your geological research.

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Cathodoluminescence imaging for geological materials
Tuesday, July 14th 2020 - 10:00 AM (CEST)

As promised, during the last two sessions we will discuss new applications and new technical developments of CL, thereby we are excited to share the two upcoming topics with you:

  • 5th session: Cathodoluminescence imaging for semiconductors (September)
  • 6th session: Correlative Cathodoluminescence Electron Microscopy (CCLEM) (October)

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You can watch the previous webinar sessions below:

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