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How to set up imaging conditions for cathodoluminescence?

Delmic continues the brand-new series of webinars "Cathodoluminescence Fundamentals" with the 2nd session, following the very successful first session "Cathodoluminescence processes".

This session will be about Imaging conditions for cathodoluminescence, and it will take place on 25th, March at 9:00am (CET).

We'll discuss the effect of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) parameters on generating cathodoluminescence (CL), and describe how to set up imaging conditions to obtain high quality CL intensity maps and spectra from a range of materials. Mark the time to join us!


CL webinar series - 2nd session, 25th March

As you may be aware of already, over this webinar series two CL specialists, Toon Coenen and Sangeetha Hari, explain how CL imaging works fundamentally. Besides the basics of CL, we also introduce new directions for using CL imaging, including correlative cathodoluminescence light and electron microscopy in the following sessions. Stay tuned!

Whether you are just starting to learn about CL or are already familiar with the technique, these webinars would be a great way to stay updated about the most recent developments, research and possibilities of this technique. By registering for the whole series, you will receive an access link for each webinar session once it is available.

We also suggest you checking the recording of the first session Cathodoluminescence processes given by Sangeetha Hari.