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cryo electron microscopy, cryo-electron tomography • 1 min reading time

Cryo R&D story, episode 3: Redefining cryo sample transfer workflow with our new transfer mechanism

The third episode of the Delmic Cryo R&D stories is out! Watch the story to learn how to use our new transfer mechanism to redefine cryo sample transfer workflow.

With the view of automating your cryo-EM workflow, we looked into the current cryo sample transfer workflow and developed a solution that could redefine the current imperfect workflows, where there is always a significant risk of sample damage.
In the third episode of the R&D series "Unlocking the power of cryo-ET", our Mechanical Designer Keith Baelz talked about how we developed the new transfer mechanism to address the shortcomings in the traditional cryo sample transfer workflow. Meet the redefined sample transfer workflow in the video!


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Jingyue Liu