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cryo electron microscopy, cryo-electron tomography • 1 min reading time

Cryo R&D story, episode 4: Keeping your cryo samples actively cooled in our era-defining cryo-CLEM system

Check out the fourth episode of the Delmic Cryo R&D stories! Watch the story to learn about our unique approach innovated to keep your cryo samples actively cooled in our era-defining integrated cryo-CLEM system.

In the last episode, our Mechanical Designer Keith Baelz talked about the new transfer mechanism that redefines the traditional sample transfer workflow, where there is always a significant risk of sample damage. Apart from ensuring your cryo-sample stay vitrified in the transfer processes, our development team also came up with a smart design of a unique cooler being placed in the era-defining integrated cyro-CLEM system. With this micro cooler the cryo sample can be actively cooled while the electron, ion and photon beams are working simultaneously.

In the fourth episode of the R&D series "Unlocking the power of cryo-ET", our Application Specialist Caspar Jonker introduced how this micro cooler is designed and placed in the FIB/SEM chamber of our fully automated cryo-CLEM system that is being developed in the ENZEL project. Watch this story now!


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Jingyue Liu