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The first Delphi workshop is now open for registration

We are excited to announce our first Delphi workshop at the MPI-CBG. The Delphi is the world's first fully integrated table-top correlative light and electron microscope. If you want to be among the first to get hands-on experience, apply now!

The design and software of the Delphi make correlative microscopy accessible to fluorescence and electron microscopy users alike. Correlative microscopy is getting more attention for its ability to combine structural with functional information. However, the complexity of the workflow has so far limited the adoption of the technique by the community at large.

Goals of the workshop

This workshop will serve as an introduction to correlative microscopy and is intended to show the extra information that can be gained with CLEM and the benefits of integrated CLEM using the Delphi system.

The hands-on session is meant for users of Electron Microscopy, Light Microscopy and/or correlative microscopy, to get experience with the new Delphi system.

Lectures in the morning (MPI-CBG small auditorium) are of general interest and open to all. For the hands-on sessions there are only 12 places, so an early sign up is advised.

Sign up closes on Friday, March 20.

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