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Gain unprecedented sample yield and full automation in cryo-ET workflow with our upcoming systems

Following the launch of METEOR, we are now looking into further stretching the possibilities of integrated cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) solutions to fit your needs better by maximizing the cryo-ET workflow efficiency. Hence, we are thrilled to introduce to you for the first time the two upcoming integrated cryo-CLEM solutions, ENZEL and MIMAS.


Achieve superior sample targeting and acceleration in your cryo-ET workflow

ENZEL is designed to expand your research possibilities in cryo-ET by adding cryo-fluorescence light microscopy (FLM) capability to your scanning electron microscope (SEM) / focused  ion beam (FIB). It can help you gain knowledge into the building blocks of life with unprecedented efficiency by improving the cryo-lamella sample preparation process.

ENZEL will first of all increase the sample yield even further by superior XYZ sample targeting. To be more precise, ENZEL will come with a module called Super Z, which will provide an unprecedented localisation accuracy in Z. This gives you better 3D correlation between the fluorescent region of interest (ROI) and your tomogram. Apart from the sample yield, the lamella quality will be high thanks to a novel, liquid nitrogen free cryo cooler, which will minimize vibration during lamella milling. This will lead to an increase in sample yield and together with higher sample quality this will eventually lead to higher quality tomograms.

On top of that, by improving cryo sample transfer ENZEL can further reduce parasitic ice contamination so that ice contamination rates will be lower than ever. Last but not least, ENZEL is very flexible and upgradable for you to take full control of shaping the ultimate system without permanent changes to your microscope.


Advance your research with the next generation of automated cryo-ET workflow

As a fully automated cryo-CLEM system with FIB milling capability, MIMAS is designed to unlock the power of cryo-ET to the maximum and truly help you get rid of the manual steps in the cryo-lamella preparation workflow. The system will lead the next generation of automated cryo-ET solution by automating high-vacuum sample transfer, loading/unloading from a cartridge holding up to 12 samples, the integrated cryo-FLM workflow and 3D localization of ROI, and the complete lamella FIB milling process on multiple sites.

At Delmic we believe that by making the cryo-ET workflow more accessible, more and more researchers can benefit from this powerful technology and get useful data more easily to advance our biomedical knowledge. We are taking the steps to get there!

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This work is supported by the European SME2 grant № 879673 - Cryo-SECOM Workflow and Eurostars grant № E13008 - CETFlow
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