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Educative webinars coming up this year


We are stepping in 2019 with a lot of plans for the year. At the end of 2018 we were very excited to introduce the webinars again starting with the webinar Time-resolved cathodoluminescence!

Previously, we have already have collaborated with our distributors and partners and made a few very interesting webinars on various topics, which are available on our website. 

This year we are planning to organize more webinars starting from February! Some of the webinars will be dedicated to the following topics:

  • Cathodoluminescence imaging for studying perovskite materials
  • Acquiring information about rare-earth materials with cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging
  • Cathodoluminescence for plasmonics 
  • Studying Giant Viruses with correlative light and electron microscopy

If you are interested in watching them, make sure to stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter. To keep all webinars in one place, we created a separate section on our website, where you can access the webinars on Cathodoluminescence imaging for nanophotonics, Cathodoluminescence imaging for geologyReal-time in situ correlative microscopy for cellular biology and others!

We are inviting you to check out the new page and watch one the webinars!