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cathodoluminescence, SPARC, geology, workshop • 2 min reading time

Join the workshop 'Analytical SEM for Geology' by Delmic, Hitachi, Bruker and the University of Oslo

Geology workshop Oslo banner

Geology workshop Oslo bannerAre you working with geological materials? Are you interested in learning about the most advanced techniques and tools to study your geological samples? Then join a two-day intensive workshop in Oslo, which will focus on advanced analytical tools and methods for geological applications. The workshop will consist of the lectures from invited speakers and hands-on sessions, which will cover cathodoluminescence (CL) tools & methods, EDS & EBSD tools & methods and mineralogy software.


This workshop is a joint collaboration between the leaders of the microscopy field Hitachi, Delmic, Bruker and the Geology department of the University of Oslo. The workshop will take place on the 16th and 17th of January 2019 at the University of Oslo and will consist of talks, intensive discussions and hands-on sessions, which will demonstrate the possibilities of the imaging tools. 

The first day of the workshop will start at 10 AM, and will include:

  • Talk by Dr. Tobias Salge (Natural History Museum, London): "Macro, to Micro to Nanoscale Advanced SEM/EDS of Earth and Planetary Materials"

  • Talk by Laurie Palasse (Bruker): "Complete characterization of mineralogical samples with EBSD and EDS integration"

  • Talk by Toon Coenen (Delmic): "Cathodoluminescence imaging for geology"

  • Hands-on demonstration: SU5000 + EDSD and EDS

  • Facility Tour

  • Lunch and dinner provided by the workshop organizers

The second day will start at 9 AM and will consist of:

  • Talk by Robert Steffen (Hitachi): Sample preparation and BIB (technique and applications)

  • Talk by Maarten Broekmans (Norwegian Geological Survey): TBD

  • Hands-on demonstration: SU5000 + CL (SPARC system)

  • Hands-on demonstration: Tabletop demo

  • Lunch provided by the workshop organizers

The detailed program of the workshop will be available soon. To see more details and register for the workshop, please click the button below: