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cathodoluminescence, JOLT • 1 min reading time

JOLT: the cathodoluminescence intensity detector which enhances your research

The youngest member of our cathodoluminescence (CL) solutions family, JOLT is an entry-level SEM-based cathodoluminescence detector, which is ideal for CL intensity mapping.

JOLT comes in two variations, a panchromatic and an RGB (colored CL) version, therefore you can choose one of the two versions which can help you most with your research.

The panchromatic version detects the total emitted CL intensity, so you can make a map of your sample by collecting the total CL from every pixel exposed to the electron beam. The RGB version has filters for imaging different colors of the emitted CL, which can produce a CL map of your sample in color. Both versions are compatible with tiling and stitching, and it allows you to make a large-area map of your sample.

JOLT can provide valuable information about the sample properties, particularly in the fields of geology and semiconductors. It is a perfect tool for you if you are working with or studying geological samples, semiconductors and other materials.