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Let's discuss the method of preparing cryo-ET samples from whole cells in the next journal club

The article “Preparing samples from whole cells using focused-ion-beam milling for cryo-electron tomography” was recently published in Nature Protocols. Although several concepts and optimizations for the technique have already been published before, a detailed protocol will certainly further help a lot of researchers getting to grips with the complex workflow. Join our Cryo-ET Journal Club to discuss this technique with your peers!

A journal club on a methods article might seem a bit strange, but to have a full protocol published for such a complex method is quite the milestone for the cryo-ET technique.  In this Journal club our hosts Dr. Caspar Jonker and Marit Smeets will discuss the workflow described by Wagner et al. and compare It to other workflows that have been described over time. We will also dive into the equipment and materials described in the article and discuss which technical advances might make this protocol a little easier in the future.

Nature protocols: Cryo-ET sample preparation from whole cells
Time: 24th of February, 10AM (CET)
Hosts: Caspar Jonker, Marit Smeets


 Two of the authors, Reika Watanabe and Digvijay Singh, joined the Q&A session and answered some interesting questions. Check out this great discussion!

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We also recommend you to read the discussed article:

Preparing samples from whole cells using focused-ion-beam milling for cryo-electron tomography

This work is supported by the European SME2 grant № 879673 - Cryo-SECOM Workflow.
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