New time-resolved cathodoluminescence solution: the LAB Cube

October 16, 2018

We are excited to present a completely new SPARC module: the LAB Cube. This module, which can be fiber-coupled to any standard or new SPARC system, allows to acquire valuable information with time-resolved cathodoluminescence imaging

The module gives the LAB Cube users the freedom to perform lifetime mapping (also known as decay trace) and antibunching experiments (g(2) imaging). These techniques can give insight into intrinsic material properties and can be used for studying the quantum nature of light and single-photon emitters, as well as nanoscale quality and defect analysis. The (nano)materials, which can be studied, include semiconductors for optoelectronics (such as (In)GaN, perovskites, and GaAs), single-photon emitters and rare-earth phosphor materials. 

Watch the video of our application specialist Toon Coenen explaining the possibilities of the LAB Cube. 

You can find more detailed information about the LAB Cube on this page. Additionally, we invite you to download the product sheet below to get a better understanding of the technical possibilities of the system. 

Read LAB Cube product sheet