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Meet Delmic in Australia at AMAS XV

Delmic at AMAS XV

If you are attending AMAS XV (the Fifteenth Biennial Symposium organized by Australian Microbeam Analysis Society) next week and you are interested in learning more about cathodoluminescence imaging, you have a chance to talk with our application specialist Sangeetha Hari, who is going to be one of the speakers.

The event, which takes place between 13th and 15th of February, will be preceded by a series of workshops. The workshop on the 12th of February will be dedicated to cathodoluminescence spectroscopy and will include several talks by the experts from materials and minerals fields. Among them: Matthew Phillips, Amelia Liu, Kitty Milliken, Christoph Lenz, Mark Lockrey and others (see the full list of speakers here). Sangeetha Hari will present the most recent developments in angle-resolved and time-resolved CL imaging. The workshop will discuss fundamental aspects of electron-induced light generation in different material classes (such as geological, plasmonic, photonic and semiconductor materials) and what useful information can be obtained using CL. The workshop will also include a hand-on session on the SPARC system installed on a Nova Nanosem 450 at the MCEM (Monash University).

Additionally, it will be possible to hear this talk during the main part of the symposium at 16:00 on Wednesday, 13th February during session 5 dedicated to CL/Laser-induced spectroscopy. 

We are excited to see you there! If you would like to stay updated about other events we are organizing and attending, make sure to fill in the form below.