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Meet METEOR, our new cryo-FLM solution

We are excited to present our upcoming cryo-FLM solution for the first time.

Cryo electron tomography (cryo-ET) is a powerful technique which can help to study and understand complex biological processes better. This technique, however, brings on complicated workflows and requires expert users. 

Delmic has been working on an add-on system that allows reducing the complexity of the workflow. METEOR increases the cryo-ET sample yield by eliminating complicated transfer steps. This solution directly integrates fluorescence light microscope (FLM) into a FIB/SEM focused-ion beam/scanning electron microscopy system, which can help you decrease the chance of damage, contamination and devitrification of your sample. No more transferring of your sample between FLM and FIB/SEM: you can identify the region of interest and prepare your sample for further cryo-ET workflow within one system.

Download METEOR specifications sheet to learn more about the key features, workflow of the system and technical specifications. If you would like to know more about the system, then join our webinar Improving cryo-electron tomography workflow with integrated fluorescence light microscopy

This work is supported by the Eurostars grant № E13008 - CETFlow
Specifications sheet

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