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cryo electron microscopy, fast SEM imaging • 2 min reading time

Meet us at the EMBL symposium "Seeing is Believing" in October

We’re excited to participate in the EMBL symposium “Seeing is Believing: Imaging the Molecular Processes of Life” held from 4th to 8th October this year. Register now to join our webinar on the first day!

Starting from 2011, the symposium “Seeing is Believing has been dedicated to bringing novel imaging technologies, and this year a new session topic in situ structural biology has been included. This session will prominently feature 3D cryo-electron microscopy.

In the pre-symposium webinars session on the 4th of October, we will present our powerful workflows in two parts: 1) Unlocking the power of cryo-ET and 2) Bridging the resolution gap with large-scale EM.

In the first part dedicated to cryo-ET challenges, we will present our cryo-EM solutions, that can help you gain new biological insights by overcoming the two main challenges in the cryo-ET workflow: keeping the sample ice contamination-free and capturing the region of interest in the final sample. After that, we will present our solutions for large-scale 3D imaging. We will walk you through how to use our ultra-fast automated EM as a quantitative analysis tool and show what could be possible if the bottlenecks of EM workflows are eliminated. 

Apart from the new session in situ structural biology, there are various other session topics covering the most trending technologies for life sciences, such as super-resolved imaging, probes & biosensors, organismal imaging, correlative imaging, image analysis, and discoveries by bioimaging.

If you are interested in the latest imaging technologies and their applications in the life sciences, register for the virtual conference to join our pre-symposium webinar and also meet all the other invited speakers.