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cryo electron microscopy, cryo-electron tomography • 1 min reading time

METEOR is launched! Watch the demonstration video and learn more from the first technical note

We are so pleased to have launched METEOR globally! As the first commercially available integrated cryo-CLEM imaging system, METEOR represents the most recent technology development of Delmic in cryogenic electron microscopy.

Delmic has therefore started our journey of supporting researchers who perform cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) in both academia and the industry. To help them achieve scientific goals easier and faster with higher cost efficiency, we endeavour to  keep innovating and optimizing our technologies!

The two sessions of launch demonstration have taken place today and yesterday, with plenty of participants joining worldwide. If you didn’t get a chance to join, you may now check out what was presented from the demonstration recording!

Watch the demo

Curious about how METEOR can optimize your own cryo-ET workflow, boost your team's productivity and improve cost efficiencies? Book an online meeting with our application specialist Marit Smeets to discuss in detail!

Achieve in-vacuum imaging with METEOR

The first METEOR technical note is now available for downloading!

METEOR Technical Note Cover page

Have a quick view to understand how the light path of METEOR is designed to allow in-vacuum imaging and how METEOR can be customized to your current system.

(This work is supported by the Eurostars grant № E13008 - CETFlow)
Technical note

Check out the optical path and components of METEOR


Jingyue Liu