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New energy-momentum cathodoluminescence technique explained in the upcoming webinar

Energy-momentum webinar-1

We are excited to announce that we are preparing the first webinar dedicated to spectrally and angle-resolved cathodoluminescence, an imaging technique also known as lens-scanning energy-momentum (LSEK) cathodoluminescence.

This unique technique allows acquiring hybrid multidimensional high-resolution angle-resolved hyperspectral datasets. To put it simply, it uses the principle of angle-resolved imaging but allows users to acquire high resolution datasets both in angle and wavelength, for any given location on the sample. The data gained with energy-momentum cathodoluminescence can be particularly beneficial in the fields of nanophotonics and materials science. 

During the webinar Toon Coenen, our Product Manager and one of the authors of a recent paper describing energy-momentum cathodoluminescence for studying plasmonic bullseye antennas, will talk about:

  • fundamentals of angle-resolved cathodoluminescence imaging
  • principles of spectrally and angular-resolved CL imaging
  • possible applications in the fields of nanophotonics and materials science
  • studying plasmonic bullseye antennas with energy-momentum CL

Register for the webinar below. Even if you won't be able to attend, you will receive a post-webinar recording.