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New year, new series of webinars: Cathodoluminescence fundamentals

CL fundamentals CL processes

This year we have seen a large amount of interest in learning about cathodoluminescence imaging, so Delmic is dedicated to offer you a whole series of webinars about cathodoluminescence in the upcoming year.

Instead of looking into various applications of CL like we did this year, this series will go back to the basics of cathodoluminescence imaging and cover its fundamentals in six webinar sessions. The first three webinar will cover:

Session 1: Cathodoluminescence processes

Session 2: Imaging conditions for cathodoluminescence

Session 3: Sample preparation for cathodoluminescence imaging

*The last three sessions will be revealed soon.

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We look forward to sharing our expertise in CL with you! At the same time your demands are absolutely our priority, so please send us your interests and we will try to address them in upcoming sessions.

Take this marvellous opportunity to get a thorough understanding of CL and learn from cathodoluminescence specialists. Sign up for the whole series now to make sure that you go through all the fundamentals together with us! In this way you will be automatically registered for all six webinars and get notifications about upcoming sessions. 

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Both of our cathodoluminescence specialists, Toon Coenen and Sangeetha Hari, will present in this series and answer your specific questions on how cathodoluminescence imaging works.

We are thrilled to bring you the very first session Cathodoluminescence processes given by Sangeetha Hari. Sangeetha will explain the difference between coherent and incoherent CL emission, how it can be identified and what each type of the emission can be used for. This session will be particularly interesting for those who study and work with various materials, but also for those who are interested in learning more about cathodoluminescence in general.