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Presenting the specifications of FAST-EM, the new multibeam automated electron microscope

We are pleased to present the specification sheet of our FAST-EM system. This system is the first ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope being developed at Delmic.

The FAST-EM system is an ultra-fast multibeam electron microscope which can be used in several types of research workflows, such as neuroscience and cell biology. Below we highlighted some specifications of the system, but we also invite you to download the full specifications sheet.

Scanning and detection

The FAST-EM system has 64 electron beams, which scan the sample in parallel, while detection is made possible by a transmission detector with 64 silicon photomultiplier cells. Standard SEM detectors are also present in the system, which enable secondary and backscattered electron imaging with FAST-EM, in single-beam mode. The dwell time of the scan is adjustable, with a minimum of 400 ns. These scanning and detection properties result in a very high throughput with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Electron optics

The electron beams have a resolution of 4 nm and a nominal working distance of 5 mm. The current per beamlet can be adjusted between 400 pA to 800 pA, which results in a total probe current ranging from 25.6 nA to 51.2 nA.

Header_RESImage of rat pancreatic tissue imaged with FAST-EM (sample courtesy of the Giepmans lab, UMCG).

Sample and stage

The sample stage is motorized for motion on 3 axes (X, Y and Z), and the stage position is determined with nanometer-level accuracy by laser interferometry. The travel range of the stage is 50 mm for both X and Y axes. In standard configuration, 9 typical substrates (sized 14x14 mm) can be mounted simultaneously on the stage. Substrates can be customized for different sizes.

FAST-EM launch

Interested in even more details of our FAST-EM system? On the 1st and 2nd of December we will host the online launch of FAST-EM, during which we will explain the system's workflow, and talk about how the system can be applied in various fields. Reserve your spot here!
Specifications sheet

Download the FAST-EM specifications


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