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cryo electron microscopy, cryo-electron tomography • 2 min reading time

Reduce your lamella preparation workflow to 7 steps with METEOR

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Cryo electron tomography (cryo-ET) is a prospecting technique for biological research. The current operation process, however, is very time-consuming and can be frustrating due to the large chance of sample damage. Delmic’s METEOR is now available to reduce the complexity of your current workflow and allows in-situ cryo-CLEM.

METEOR is an add-on system for cryo-CLEM that integrates fluorescence light microscope (FLM) into your existing FIB/SEM. METEOR can greatly simplify the complicated lamella preparation workflow from 22 to 7 steps by minimizing transfer steps. It will not only increase the sample yield but also guarantee better sample quality resulting from less sample damage, contamination and devitrification during sample transfer processes. In addition, it is easy to reinspect the sample with FM after the milling process, ensuring that fluorescence is still present. METEOR works well with your transfer systems and sample holders, making it easy to adopt.

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Reduce transfer steps and increase sample yield with integrated cryo-CLEM

To learn more about cryo-ET possibilities and challenges, as well as cryo-FLM, watch these two-minutes videos by our application specialists:

(This work is supported by the Eurostars grant № E13008 - CETFlow)
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