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Check out our three upcoming webinars on cathodoluminescence

In the upcoming months Delmic will be hosting three interesting webinars on cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging and several of its applications in different fields! The webinars will be presented by specialists working at Delmic, but also specialists working in the fields of interest.

Webinar October 15th:

This webinar on recent developments of CL and its application in characterizing semiconductors will take place on the 15th of October. This webinar is a part of the first Chinese "iConference on Research and Application of Semiconductor Materials and Devices" (iCSMD 2020). This online conference focuses on popular research fields in the semiconductor material and device industry, and provides a free learning platform.

Key points

  • Presentation of exciting results from CL solutions in this field
  • Explanation of hardware and imaging parameters
  • Q&A with Sangeetha Hari, Delmic applications specialist

Time and date: 15th of October at 8AM (CET).
If you would like to join this webinar, please register on the website of iCSMD 2020.

Webinar October 20th:

On the 20th of October, Delmic and our US distributor, Nanoscience Instruments, will be hosting a webinar on CL imaging and its role in data acquisition and analysis in geosciences. This webinar is interesting especially for geologists since the technique can be used to observe changes in chemical composition of zircons, study the formation of sedimentary rocks, and understand underlying causes for luminescence of sapphires.

Key points

  • Overview of all CL solutions presented by Dr. Sangeetha Hari
  • SPARC Compact demonstration for studying geological materials by Professor Cameron Davidson
  • Q&A with both presenters to answer all your questions.

Time and date: 20th of October at 12PM (EDT).
Make sure to register on the Nanoscience Instruments website.

Webinar November 18th:

Our webinar series 'Cathodoluminescence Fundamentals' is coming to an end: next month we will be hosting the 6th and last webinar for the series. This last session will focus on correlative cathodoluminescence electron microscopy or CCLEM.

Key points

  • Technical aspects of CCLEM
  • Fields of possible application of CCLEM
  • Different tools used for CCLEM
  • Q&A with Sangeetha Hari

Time and date: 18th of November at 2PM (CET). If you would like to join this webinar, please register on our website.

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