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cathodoluminescence, webinar, photovoltaics • 1 min reading time

Webinar: cathodoluminescence for photovoltaics

Cl for photovoltaics webinar

For those of you who wanted to join the upcoming workshop Cathodoluminescence for photovoltaics in Berlin and couldn't, we are excited to announce that you can join a webinar dedicated to the same topic, which will take place on the 28th of November, only one week after the webinar.

The webinar will focus on the possibilities of CL imaging for measuring and analysing thin-film solar cells and various materials used in the field of photovoltaics.

During the course of the webinar our product manager Toon Coenen will talk about:

  • cathodoluminescence imaging modes used for studying photovoltaic materials and devices
  • sample preparation techniques
  • results of CL imaging of perovskite materials, thin-film solar cells and semiconductor nanoparticles

If you are not able to join the webinar live, no worries: you will receive the recording of the webinars right after it finishes. Register below or on the main registration page of the webinar.