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webinar, fast SEM imaging • 2 min reading time

Reserve your spot for FAST-EM  technical overview

Join the first technical overview of Delmic ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope: FAST-EM.

We are excited to hold the webinar on FAST-EM technical aspects on the 16th of September at 4 PM (CEST). FAST-EM is a powerful solution for reliable and high throughput electron microscopy, which is designed to make complex and large EM projects simple and efficient. FAST-EM can be used to explore cell architecture, the interaction of neuronal circuits, and the analysis of any biological material in life-sciences. It is extremely beneficial for large volume 3D imaging, large scale 2D imaging and, in general, as a tool that can significantly speed up daily microscopy facility work. 

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During this online demonstration our applications specialist Job Fermie will:

  • demonstrate the system's set up
  • show the sample loading and unloading
  • demonstrate how the multibeam is set up, generated and detected
  • give a preview of how the image is formed
  • show data acquired with the system

In the first two webinars we have already covered the possibilities of the system as well as discussed the benefits of fast electron microscopy for large-scale projects

If the time of the demonstration doesn't fit you, don't worry, you will be able to access the recording later on.

Vera Lanskaya