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Join the workshop in Berlin to learn about cathodoluminescence for photovoltaics

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We are excited to announce an upcoming workshop in Berlin, which is organised in collaboration with Helmholtz Center Berlin for Materials and Energy.

The workshop will focus on cathodoluminescence imaging for photovoltaic materials and various possibilities of this technique for characterisation and determining light-emitting properties at the nanoscale. 

The one-day workshop will take place in the Helmholtz Center Berlin on 21st of November. It will consist of the talks given by the field experts from Delmic, Helmholtz Center Berlin and Solvoltaics. The presentations and discussion will take place in the morning, while the second half of the day will be dedicated to hands-on sessions with the SPARC cathodoluminescence detector and the facility tour. The participants will get a chance to learn about the technique, meet people who work in the same field and have lively discussions during coffee breaks, lunch and dinner, which will be provided by organisers. 

If you are interested, make sure to check the detailed program and register below. The participation is free, however, the spots are limited, so make sure to register on time.