Exciting summer installations

July 20, 2017

secom_features8.jpgThe summer is coming to a peak and we've seen a series of successful installations as well as installations planned for the near future. Recently, we have had a SECOM correlative light-electron microscope installed at the VIB Leuven, and a SPARC SEM cathodoluminescence detection system installed at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for Materials and Energy in Berlin. 

We are anticipating some very exciting developments in the coming months. The first confocal SECOM system will be installed at the University of Leuven, which will enable an even higher resolution and greater contrast in the optical microscope. In China and France, we will be installing new SPARC systems. At Monash University, their SPARC system will be equipped with a new mirror stage for novel research applications. 

We look forward to seeing these systems being put to their full potential in the coming academic year.