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2015 Microscopy Today Award granted to DELMIC for Delphi Microscope


DELMIC is proud to announce that it has won the 2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award for the Delphi Microscope. Microscopy Today is a leading journal in the field of microscopy, and awards the prize annually to the most innovative products and methods.

The Delphi, developed by DELMIC in cooperation with Phenom-World, is the very first commercially available, fully integrated tabletop fluorescence and electron microscope. The Delphi combines optical and electron microscopy in a compact, quick, user-friendly device.

The combination of fluorescence with electron microscopy is an extremely useful method particularly in life science imaging. While electron microscopy reveals structural information on a nanoscale resolution, fluorescence microscopy images specific events in biological samples. In an integrated system, these methods can be applied simultaneously, streamlining research and preventing any potential changes or damage to the sample in between measurements. The device also ensures automated overlay by creating a grid of temporary fiducial markers using the principle of cathodoluminescence. This unique overlay procedure not only spares the time otherwise used to manually overlay two images, but also guarantees a perfect and unbiased overlay.

The Delphi is a particularly unique device because of its simple, tabletop design. It can be placed in any laboratory without any additional installations. It is also user-friendly and requires minimal training of microscopy to operate it. It is quick, and straightforward; loading the sample takes less than three minutes.

The Delphi can be used to image cultured cells, and thin sections of cells, tissues, and other biological material.