SPARC installation streak

November 27, 2015

We at DELMIC are extremely proud of the level of interest that researchers have shown in our SPARC cathodoluminescence detection system recently. During the coming weeks we will be experiencing our biggest installation streak yet, with systems to be installed all over the world, including at Oslo, Lund, Houston, King’s College, and Zurich. We will also be installing our SECOM correlative microscopy system in Bremen. Our colleagues are currently working hard to make sure that all the installations run smoothly and are able to meet the needs of each individual research group.

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New collaboration with Nanoscience Instruments

November 18, 2015

As of this month, DELMIC has begun its cooperation with Nanoscience Instruments, who will work as our distributor and contact point for both the SECOM and the SPARC systems in the United States. We are thrilled about this collaboration as it is an opportunity to expand our work to a new region in which exciting developments are happening within the microscopy community.

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Live demonstration of the SPARC system at the 2015 MicroNanoConference

November 11, 2015

The control of light at the nanoscale is becoming increasingly important as a consequence of the burgeoning use of optoelectronic devices and materials. It also opens up new technological opportunities, such as highly sensitive chemical sensing and identification, improving performance of photodetectors or light emitting devices, and increasing the efficiency of solar cells.

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