New application and technical notes for the SPARC and SECOM systems published online

January 20, 2016

Image: Panchromatic photomultiplier tube intensity image of zircon grains, from application note on Zircons.

Recently, the staff at DELMIC has been hard at work preparing a series of application notes and technical notes that outline the various uses of our SPARC and SECOM systems. These notes are designed with the researcher in mind, considering the various ways in which he or she is interested in employing CL imaging or CLEM for his or her own specific research topic.

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Seminar: Integrating optical with electron microscopy

January 12, 2016

DELMIC’s Jacob Jan de Boer and Noor van der Veeken will be providing an informative seminar on the benefits of cathodoluminescence imaging and CLEM systems respectively at the National University of Singapore on the 29th of January,

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DELMIC at the Quantitative Bioimaging conference in Delft

January 07, 2016

We are very excited for the upcoming Quantitative Bioimaging conference taking place next week in Delft. DELMIC has a close ongoing relationship with the Technical University of Delft which is just down the road from its headquarters, and we are looking forward to actively playing a role in developments within the microscopy community at the local level. Delft, incidentally, is also the birthplace of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, one of the greatest and most renowned innovators in light microscopy.

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