Plasmonic Nanolenses: Electrostatic Self-Assembly of Hierarchical Nanoparticle Trimers and Their Response to Optical and Electron Beam Stimuli

February 21, 2017

Recent research on asymmetric nanoparticle trimers reveals an electrostatic self-assembly approach which is highly effective. These nanoparticle trimers act as plasmonic lenses and can be used for applications such as photolithography, biological molecule sensors, solar cells, and even microscopy. The article can be read here

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Paper on the use of rare earth elements as imaging probes in bioimaging published in Nanoscale

February 10, 2017

A new paper, Tb3+-doped LaF3 nanocrystals for correlative cathodoluminescence electron microscopy imaging with nanometric resolution in focused ion beam-sectioned biological samples has been published in Nanoscale. This research investigates the potential for using rare earth elements as imaging probes in bioimaging.

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