Join the workshop 'Analytical SEM for Geology' by Delmic, Hitachi, Bruker and the University of Oslo

November 30, 2018

Are you working with geological materials? Are you interested in learning about the most advanced techniques and tools to study your geological samples? Then join a two-day intensive workshop in Oslo, which will focus on advanced analytical tools and methods for geological applications. The workshop will consist of the lectures from invited speakers and hands-on sessions, which will cover cathodoluminescence (CL) tools & methods, EDS & EBSD tools & methods and mineralogy software.

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Complementary cathodoluminescence lifetime imaging configurations in a scanning electron microscope: new paper

November 28, 2018

A new paper on "Complementary cathodoluminescence lifetime imaging configurations in a scanning electron microscope" was published by researchers from AMOLF, McMaster University, McGill University, the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, University of Michigan, Delmic and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The paper introduces an elaborate analysis and comparison of time-resolved techniques and characteristics. 

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Time-resolved cathodoluminescence webinar is now available online

November 23, 2018

This morning, the first webinar on time-resolved cathodoluminescence took place. In this webinar our cathodoluminescence specialist Dr. Toon Coenen covered time-resolved techniques, such as lifetime imaging and g(2) imaging and the ways to perform them. He also dedicated part of his presentation to show the experiments that have been done with nanostructured semiconductor GaN. 

For those who have missed the opportunity to watch the webinar live, it is now available on our website for free.

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Join the first time-resolved cathodoluminescence webinar!

November 01, 2018

Are you working with compound semiconductors for optoelectronics? Or are you studying single-photon emitters or phosphor materials? Then this webinar can show you new opportunities for your research.

Delmic is excited to invite you to our webinar on time-resolved cathodoluminescence, which will take place on 22nd of November, 9:30 AM (CET). This webinar will give you an overview of this imaging technique and how it can be applied in different fields. Time-resolved cathodoluminescence is a relatively new technique, which can be used to observe the time dynamics of cathodoluminescence emission process. It can be an extremely useful tool for getting insights into material properties as well as studying nanoscale quality and doing defect analysis.

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