Vast possibilities of SPARC cathodoluminescence detector

July 09, 2019

SPARC Spectral is the most flexible and reliable cathodoluminescence system on the market, allowing experimental freedom thanks to its modularity. The possibilities of this system are vast: six imaging modes, open-source software ODEMIS and modular design ensure this. This system is successfully used by companies and research institutes all over the world in the fields of nanophotonics, materials science and geosciences (read our customer stories in our blog). 

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Cathodoluminescence used to measure mode alignment in inversely tapered silicon nano-resonators

July 02, 2019

A new paper on inversely tapered silicon nano-resonators by researchers from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin was recently published in Scientific Reports. In their study the authors selectively excited and measured the optical modes of inversely tapered silicon photonic resonators using cathodoluminescence spectroscopy. This allowed them to experimentally map the whispering gallery modes(WGMs) in such photonic resonators. 

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