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Fruitful collaboration between Delmic, AMOLF and Thermo Fisher results in two new products


The Time-Resolved Cathodoluminescence project, an outcome of collaboration between Delmic, AMOLF Institute and Thermo Fisher, resulted in the creation of two new microscopes that can take optical images at the nanoscale, with a time resolution down to 1 ps. 

During the final meeting at the end of May the two new ultrafast Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) were presented. These new SEMs collect the generated light (cathodoluminescence) in the time-resolved way by using the pulsed electron beam. The first of the two microscopes, the Ultrafast beam-blanker, provides two-dimensional images of the cathodoluminescence lifetime and g(2) photon correlations, which can be valuable for the study of light emission characteristics of semiconductor nanostructures and quantum optical studies in a broad range of systems. The second microscope (Pulsed-laser driven cathode) enables spatial imaging of optical phenomena at picosecond time scales.

We are excited to announce also that the new ultrafast SEMs will be presented at the Technical Exhibition of the International Microscopy Conference in Sydney (September 9-14, 2018)

If you would like to know more about this fruitful academic-industry collaboration, please read the full press release on the AMOLF website