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Introducing Delmic Asia, our new support centre in Asia

Delmic is excited to announce the official founding of Delmic Asia, a key support centre in the Asian time-zones.

In the last few years Delmic has seen a substantial growth in sales and installations in Asia. Our cathodoluminescence systems have been installed in China (Peking University, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Institute of Semiconductor in Beijing and Zhengzhou University), Thailand and India. Seeing our customer base in Asia expanding, we needed a dedicated centre in Asia, to give the utmost attention and support to our customers regardless of time difference and distances. 

Therefore, Delmic Asia was established. With the support of our global head office in Delft, Delmic Asia will now be taking care of the promotion, marketing, service, sales and support of our customers and business partners in the Asian time-zones. Based in Singapore, Delmic Asia will support countries including China, India, South Korea, Japan and more. Furthermore, Delmic Asia will focus on the promotion, training and education in the Asian region for our exciting new products such as METEOR and FAST-EM, among others.

Would you like to know more about Delmic Asia? You can always contact us by email or directly book a meeting with our sales manager, Daan van Oosten Slingeland, here in Delft. Alternatively, you can contact Jos de Lange in the new Delmic Asia office.

Vera Lanskaya