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cathodoluminescence, time-resolved cathodoluminescence • 2 min reading time

Join the first time-resolved cathodoluminescence webinar!

time-resolved CL webinar

Are you working with compound semiconductors for optoelectronics? Or are you studying single-photon emitters or phosphor materials? Then this webinar can show you new opportunities for your research.

Delmic is excited to invite you to our webinar on time-resolved cathodoluminescence, which will take place on 22nd of November, 9:30 AM (CET). This webinar will give you an overview of this imaging technique and how it can be applied in different fields. Time-resolved cathodoluminescence is a relatively new technique, which can be used to observe the time dynamics of cathodoluminescence emission process. It can be an extremely useful tool for getting insights into material properties as well as studying nanoscale quality and doing defect analysis.

Dr. Toon Coenen will be the speaker of the webinar, and he will cover the following topics:

  • brief introduction about cathodoluminescence and the properties of light
  • lifetime imaging (also known as decay trace)
  • g(2) imaging (also known second-order correlation function)
  • the difference between bunching and antibunching
  • how and in which fields these techniques can be used

The webinar will last 30 min and during it Dr. Toon Coenen will answer any of your questions. Most importantly, if you register for the webinar, but for some reason won't be able to access it, you will receive a recording of the webinar through an email after the webinar is over. 

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