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Meet our experts at the online conference Focus on Microscopy 2021

Delmic will present at the online conference Focus on Microscopy (FOM) 2021. Starting on the 28th of March, the conference will incorporate 34th International Conference on 3D Image Processing in Microscopy and the 33rd International Conference on Confocal Microscopy, organized by the University of Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht. We’ll see you at FOM 2021!

FOM will be hosted online this year due to the pandemic from Sunday 28th of March to Wednesday 31st of March. Delmic is thrilled to join and present on the topics of correlative imaging and cryo-ET solutions. Here, we would like to give you a brief introduction of our presentations!

Correlative imaging with FAST-EM: Bridging the resolution gap with large-scale EM

Tuesday 30 March, 11:00 -11:15 AM (CET)

Guido Ridolfi, Fast Imaging Business Unit Owner at Delmic, will give a speech about the most recent development of fast imaging solution from Delmic. We explore the use of FAST-EM for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM), where we match the scale of FM and enable large-scale statistics in correlative imaging. Join us to take one step closer to large-scale fast imaging!

Unlocking the power of cryo-ET with integrated, innovative and automated workflow solutions

Tuesday 30 March, 11:15 – 11:30 AM (CET)

Rose Sermpeniadi, Sales Engineer of Cryo Business Unit at Delmic, will introduce two cryo solutions: METEOR and CERES. METEOR is an integrated top down cryo-CLEM imaging system used for reducing transfer steps and improving lamella sample yield, while CERES Ice Defence system is a series of complimentary tools that help minimize ice contamination during lamella preparation. Check out her presentation to find the best cryo-EM solution for your research!

FOM is a conference series that is focused on the theory and practice of 3D optical imaging, related 3D image processing, and especially developments in resolution and imaging modalities. Apart from it, the topics on FOM also cover the rapidly advancing fluorescence labeling techniques for confocal and multi-photon 3D imaging of -live- biological specimens. If you’re interested in any of these topics and would like to meet our experts online, register now!

Jingyue Liu