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SPARC • 1 min reading time

Live demonstration of the SPARC system at the 2015 MicroNanoConference


The control of light at the nanoscale is becoming increasingly important as a consequence of the burgeoning use of optoelectronic devices and materials. It also opens up new technological opportunities, such as highly sensitive chemical sensing and identification, improving performance of photodetectors or light emitting devices, and increasing the efficiency of solar cells.

The characterization of optical properties at the nanoscale is a challenge due to the diffraction limit which is inherent to optical techniques. As a result, cathodoluminescence is an increasingly popular technology with a wide range of applications for the development and characterization of materials and systems.

During a workshop held at the 2015 MicroNanoConference, DELMIC will demonstrate how to use the SPARC, a high-performance cathodoluminescence detection system which is designed to optimally collect and detect cathodoluminescence emission, enabling fast and sensitive material characterization at the nanoscale. We anticipate that participants will become well-informed about the benefits of this system for their research by the end of the workshop.

This same system is soon to be installed at several renowned labs, amongst others at King’s College London. In collaboration with TESCAN, an integrated SEM-CL system will be installed for use by Dr. Riccardo Sapienza’s research group on experimental nanophysics and biotechnology.

The SPARC system is ideal for various applications in materials science, including plasmonics, nanophotonics, and geology. DELMIC invites participants to submit their own samples to be measured with the system. If you would like to bring a sample, please contact us in advance via

Tue December 8, 14.00 - 15.30: Workshop Nano Microscopy, AFM & Spectroscopy
Tue December 8, 15.15 - 15.30: Presentation about applications of the SPARC platform
Wed December 9, 13.30 - 15.00: Workshop Nano Microscopy, AFM & Spectroscopy