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NANOMETA 2017 and the Prize for Research into the Science of Light


DELMIC’s SPARC application specialist, Toon Coenen, is currently attending the 2017 edition of NANOMETA, the international conference on nanophotonics and metamaterials in Tirol, Australia.

This meeting brings together the worldwide community involved in research on nanotechnology, photonics and materials. This meeting is also a highlight for DELMIC because it marks the official awarding of the EPS QEOD Prize for Research into the Science of Light to an esteemed collaborator of ours, Prof. Albert Polman.

Prof. Polman, of the AMOLF Institute in Amsterdam, received the prize for "mastering light at the nanoscale and for demonstrating novel applications in nanoscale optical circuits, photovoltaics, and super-resolution imaging".

In 2011, his vision for an enhanced, high-performance cathodoluminescence solution ultimately resulted in the SPARC system, which is now being used in materials and optics research facilities around the world.

Kaitlin van Baarle