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workshop • 1 min reading time

Seminar: Integrating optical with electron microscopy


Delmic’s Jacob Jan de Boer and Noor van der Veeken will be providing an informative seminar on the benefits of cathodoluminescence imaging and CLEM systems respectively at the National University of Singapore on the 29th of January, at 11:00.

See below the abstracts for the seminar:

“Cathodoluminescence is an easy and powerful technique to study optical properties at the nanoscale. It opens up new avenues of research such as electron beam induced nanophotonics, advanced understanding of semiconductor and optoelectronic devices, materials inspections, geology and life sciences. This talk will describe and give examples of several applications of cathodoluminescence imaging and spectroscopy.”

“Correlative microscopy is the combination of fluorescence microscopy and high resolution electron microscopy. The combination of the labeling power of fluorescence imaging and the high resolution structural information of electron microscopy makes correlative microscopy the perfect tool to study the complex relation between form and function in biology. In this talk, we will give more details about correlative microscopy and the possible advantages of an integrated solution. Furthermore we provide a number of application examples in life science.”

Noor and Jacob Jan will be open to answering any questions to those interested in these microscopy systems. In order to register for the seminar, you can send an email to or

See the flyer [PDF] for more information.