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cathodoluminescence, SPARC, time-resolved cathodoluminescence, semiconductors • 1 min reading time

Time-resolved cathodoluminescence webinar is now available online

time-resolved webinar watch

This morning, the first webinar on time-resolved cathodoluminescence took place. In this webinar our cathodoluminescence specialist Dr. Toon Coenen covered time-resolved techniques, such as lifetime imaging and g(2) imaging and the ways to perform them. He also dedicated part of his presentation to show the experiments that have been done with nanostructured semiconductor GaN. 

For those who have missed the opportunity to watch the webinar live, it is now available on our website for free.

Time-resolved cathodoluminescence is a relatively new technique, which can be used to observe the time dynamics of cathodoluminescence emission process. It can be an extremely useful tool for getting insights into material properties as well as studying nanoscale quality and doing defect analysis.of the material. 

This was our first webinar in the new series of webinars, so keep an eye on our news posts and email for the upcoming webinar. Check out our resources page for more webinars on cathodoluminescence. 

To watch the webinar on time-resolved cathodoluminescence (CL), click the link below: