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Meet Delmic in France and Sweden next month!

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Next month Delmic is going to participate in two very interesting events, dedicated to multimodal analysis and correlative microscopy.

On the 4th of June Delmic will be a part of Multimodal analysis for geology event, organised at Cergy-Pontoise University. The event will focus on various micro-characterization techniques, used to analyse geological materials, such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM), EDS, EBSD and cathodoluminescence. The day will consist of scientific presentations, discussions, exhibition, and, most importantly, workshops. The workshop dedicated to cathodoluminescence for geology will be run by Delmic. This workshop is free, but make sure to register now. If you are not able to join the event, you might be interested in watching our recent webinar on cathodoluminescence for geology or joining an upcoming online SPARC demonstration.

On the 11th of June Delmic will participate in SCANDEM 2019 workshop dedicated to correlative light and electron microscopy. SCANDEM is an annual meeting of the Nordic Microscopy Society, which brings experts, researchers, technicians and exhibitors together from different imaging modalities to stimulate knowledge exchange. During the workshop we will present our CLEM system SECOM in a remote session and show its possibilities for life science research. If you are joining SCANDEM this year, make sure to join this workshop as well. 

We really look forward to seeing you there!