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webinar, fast SEM imaging • 2 min reading time

New webinar series: fast Electron Microscopy for large-scale projects

We are thrilled to introduce our new webinar series dedicated to fast electron microscopy.

Together with our applications specialist Job Fermie we are going to dive deep into current challenges of electron microscopy and what would be possible without major limitations. He will detail the basics of high-throughput imaging and the applications enabled by faster and automated electron microscopes. How can EM workflows be optimised? What would be possible if limitations are reduced or eliminated? At the end of the webinar we would be happy to answer any questions and get your feedback!

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21st of April at 1 PM (CEST)

Electron microscopy (EM) has been a workhorse technique in biology over the last fifty years, helping researchers to understand the structural basis of life. In the last decade or so, EM is increasingly being used to image larger and more intricate samples, such as bulk tissue, brains or whole organisms. In these projects, the speed of the electron microscope has become the bottleneck in being able to image these large samples within an acceptable time scale. This challenged researchers to create systems and workflows capable of supporting such projects in terms of speed, reliability and automation.

Today new developments are needed to maximize the potential of EM in this role. In this series of webinars we will talk about the possibilities brought by high-throughput EM imaging, take a closer look at Delmic’s new powerful EM solution for large-scale projects and explore a high-throughput workflow.

We are excited for interesting discussion and hope you are going to join us! In the meantime, we invite you to read about current challenges of large-scale electron microscopy and how imaging facilities deal with them in our blog.