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Join us in 2022 as we continue to advance microscopy

As we step into 2022, we would like to remember the highlights of 2021 and share our plans for 2022. We hope you join us on a journey of advancing microscopy and making it an easy and accessible technique through automation of the entire workflow.

2021 saw more product launches: following the successful launch of METEOR, the first commercially available integrated cryo-CLEM imaging system, we launched CERES Ice Defence System. It consists of three powerful tools: CERES Clean Station, CERES Vitri-Lock, and CERES Ice Shield, and together they are aimed at minimizing the ice contamination at every step of the cryo-EM workflow.

There are some other achievements we are proud of! METEOR was selected as one of the ten best microscopy innovations in 2021 by Microscopy Today. Delmic became a part of a consortium on Electron Beams Enhancing Analytical Microscopy (eBEAM). Finally, we were selected by European Commission’s European Innovation Council to receive funding for breakthrough innovations.

More Delmic microscopy systems were sold all over the world: in China, Canada, USA, Germany, Israel, and several other countries. The first METEOR systems were installed, one of them at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) of Biochemistry in Martinsried, Germany, who shared their experience with us.

In 2021 more new colleagues joined the company, and though for the most part of the year we were working from home, we were still able to have a few fun events, including the company BBQ, karaoke night, and a few game nights together!

Finally, a lot of new materials were added to our website to help our community to learn more about the possibilities of various microscopy techniques. New pages were added to explain how cryo-ET is applied in cell biology, microbiology, neuroscience, and virology. We also showed the power of high throughput imaging in cancer research, cell biology, pathology, and neuroscience. Finally, we added an FAQ section, where you can read answers to the most frequently asked questions about cathodoluminescence, cryo-ET, and fast imaging

Next year we look forward to introducing new exciting products, which are going to help researchers and companies answer fundamental questions faster and easier. If it will be possible, we also look forward to joining in-person microscopy events and conferences, and we hope to meet you there! Stay updated with our most recent news, there are many exciting things coming!

We wish you a great holiday season and a happy new year!

Vera Lanskaya