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cathodoluminescence, SPARC • 2 min reading time

3 outstanding advantages of the SPARC cathodoluminescence system (video)

In this short video about the SPARC our application specialist Toon Coenen talks about the main three advantages of this cathodoluminescence system. What are the possibilies of the SPARC and why cathodoluminescence is gaining poplarity in various scientific fields? Find out from the video!

 As Toon explains, cathodoluminescence is a technique that is becoming more important as the technology approaches the nanoscale. Cathodoluminescence emission is aimed to reveal the properties of matter and is used to study light transport, scattering, electronic structure of a material, resonant phenomena and much more. It thus presents a valuable source of information for fundamental research as well as applied research with a direct link to industry (metrology, failure analysis).

The SPARC is a cathodoluminescence detection system that is designed and produced by Delmic. This system is highly modular designed and can be retrofitted to any scanning electron system (SEM) to produce high-performance cathodoluminescence images.

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We invite you to read more about the SPARC and cathodoluminescence imaging. Learn more about it from brochure with the exact specifications, which you can download below: