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New and improved stable version of ODEMIS software package

Screenshot Odemis spectrum export

The software team at DELMIC has been hard at work to produce the latest version of our software package, ODEMIS. Although the software is consistently being updated and fixed for bugs, we have now released a stable version with several useful new features.

All DELMIC microscopy systems come with this specially developed, open-source software package. The software extends the capabilities of your microscope by closely integrating hardware with a straightforward software interface. ODEMIS is designed to be user-friendly for the easy navigation of your sample. The intuitive user interface of ODEMIS guides the user in every step of the imaging workflow.

The latest release, version 2.4.5, has been designed to make your microscopy endeavors even more straightforward with several added functionalities. These include the new export function, in which data can be exported to high-resolution image files, thus simplifying the workflow when using an acquisition in other applications. There is also enhanced support for plugins in the GUI, which allows the more advanced users to easily extend the microscope with the many specialized functionalities that our microscopy systems have to offer. For instance, one can use a plugin for acquiring a spectrum using a monochromator and scanning the center wavelength in cathodoluminescence imaging, or a plugin for repeatedly acquiring a stream at a given frequency in correlative microscopy.

As usual, there were also many small bug fixes and improvements. To name a few of the updates, the autofocus functionality is now speeded up and the latency is reduced in manual optical focus for our correlative microscopy systems. 

To learn more about our open-source software, visit our ODEMIS page. Here you can download a viewer for the latest version.