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New version of our ODEMIS microscopy software package released

We are very excited to announce that we have released a new version of our ODEMIS open-source microscopy software package.

ODEMIS v2.5 is now available for download on our ODEMIS page. This release mostly focuses on improving the reliability, both of the software itself and by handling better hardware (mis-)behaviour. In particular, the Odemis GUI should not freeze anymore when starting a stream, waiting for the hardware to prepare. It also brings support for a couple of new hardware.

All DELMIC microscopy systems come with the specially developed, open-source software package ODEMIS. The software extends the capabilities of your microscope by closely integrating hardware with a straightforward software interface. ODEMIS is designed to be user-friendly for the easy navigation of your sample. The intuitive user interface of ODEMIS guides the user in every step of the imaging workflow.

One of the main features in the new version is the feedback about the hardware status in the user interface. For the Delphi microscope this means that the user receives information on when the SEM stream is aligned and when it is not while for the SPARC system the user will see when the hardware is moving to change the optical path. This feature makes the user more aware about what is happening in the hardware, thus improving user friendliness.

Other notable improvements include an increase in calibration robustness for the Delphi, the addition of autofocusing the spectrograph for each grating in the SPARC and a reduction in memory usage for all systems.

A complete list of the new ODEMIS v2.5 software is available on our Github repository. To learn more about our open-source microscopy software package, visit our ODEMIS page. Here you can also download the latest version of our ODEMIS viewer.

Noor van der Veeken