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Recap of 2020 and upcoming projects in 2021

2020 has definitely been a challenging and unexpected year for all of us. Working from home, not being able to join any offline events or travel: it’s been hard, but we tried to stay optimistic and celebrate even the small things. So today, we would like to present some milestones that we are proud of, and share with you our plans for 2021, which will, hopefully, be an even better year for us all!

This year we successfully launched two new product lines: Cryo Solutions and Fast Imaging Solutions. In October we had an online launch demonstration of METEOR, the first commercially available integrated cryo-CLEM imaging system. And in December we introduced FAST-EM, an ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope, which was created in collaboration with Thermo Fisher, Technolution and TU Delft. 

More cathodoluminescence systems (SPARC Spectral, SPARC Compact and JOLT) were sold in China, Brazil, Australia, Italy and Norway, and installed with the help of our distributors in Australia and China.

In 2020 despite everything Delmic kept on growing: eleven new colleagues joined the company, and even though we didn’t spend too much time together in the office, we had several fun online events, including bingo, Friday drinks and virtual coffee sessions! And, of course, we kept our traditional Christmas breakfast, which was held online (and everyone made sure to dress up for the occasion).

Christmas breakfast team photo 1Christmas breakfast team photo 2

Finally, one of the highlights of this year for us was our new website and the new brand image. With the new, better-structured website we want to provide even more information about various microscopy techniques and how they can be applied in different fields. In our updated resource library you can find the latest webinars, application notes, specifications sheets and videos.

Next year we look forward to introducing new exciting products, including a table-top CL system, integrated cryo-CLEM systems and more solutions for high-throughput electron microscopy systems. It is our mission to make electron microscopy accessible through integration of light and automation of the complete workflow, thereby making the world a better place and driving a healthier and greener future.

We wish you a great holiday season, and a happy new 2021 year!

Vera Lanskaya